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Notice on Vietnam CFO Club members' rights
To inform fully Club members of their rights, the CFO Club Management Board would like to make fo llowing notice:

  CFO Club Announcement - Membership fee 2018

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Corporate governance quality improvement is an imperative task for most of Vietnam enterprises in order to enhance their competitiveness, especially in the increasingly economic integration of the country.
As a response, Vietnam Association of Corporate Directors (VACD), backed by AsiaInvest Group, has established Vietnam Chief Financial Officers Club (Vietnam CFO Club) in an effort to promote financial and corporate governance. The Club gathers a pool of high profile experts who used to or are functioning in the position of Chief Financial Officers or Executives of finance, accounting, auditing, internal control as well as R&D and finance consulting.
The Club is to promote the sharing of local and international experiences, skills, knowledge and information in the area of corporate finance governance. This aims at “Advancing the capability of Vietnam’s CFOs to international level”, progressively building up a force of highly professional CFOs and financial executives in order to make business administration and management of Vietnam enterprises more efficient and in line with international rules and practices.
Vietnam CFO Club is looking for kind support from CFO community, enterprises, as well as enterprises to achieve its objectives and mission.

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