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Notice on Vietnam CFO Club members' rights
To inform fully Club members of their rights, the CFO Club Management Board would like to make fo llowing notice:

  CFO Club Announcement - Membership fee 2018

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Vietnam CFO Club Member

I. Subjects to Club membership

  • Any legally established socio-economic organization interested in corporate finance management in Vietnam;
  • Individuals that have been or are taking the position of CFO, senior management positions in accounting, finance, auditing, internal control in enterprises, etc. in enterprises;
  • Relevant researchers, scientists;
  • Vietnamese individuals working on finance in abroad companies and associations;
  • Foreign individuals working on finance in abroad companies and associations, independent consultancies, etc. both nationally and internationally;
  • Other individuals related to corporate financial management in Vietnam.

Any of the organizations and individuals listed in article I can join the Club provided that they fill in the designed register form and are approved by the Club board of Directors. Club members include organizations, individual official and associated ones. Organizational members, individual official members have to make a full payment of annual membership fee, associated members do not pay annual fee (but have to pay for joining extra curriculum activities).

For further information about rights, responsibilities of official members and associated members please see Regulations of activities (ABOUT US). here.

II. Membership register

1-For individual
            You can register by one of the two following ways, though we prefer your online register:


The above Membership register is compulsory for individuals to become the Club's members (official and associated members).

This registration is different from registration for account and password to participate in online Forum, Library, English Club.

Only when you have finished Membership register, will you be able to use following link to create Account and Password

The Club's Management Board would like to highly appreciate your attention and enthusiastic participation!

2-For organization
            You can register by the following way:

The provision of relevant information will be e-mailed to email of the applicant.

The Club's Management Board would like to highly appreciate your attention and enthusiastic participation!

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