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Notice on Vietnam CFO Club members' rights
To inform fully Club members of their rights, the CFO Club Management Board would like to make fo llowing notice:

  CFO Club Announcement - Membership fee 2018

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VACD introduction

Vietnam Association of Corporate Director (VACD) was established under the 745/QĐ-BNV decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on 4th July 2007.

On the background of WTO membership, it is a vital imperative for enterprises and the whole economy to improve their competitiveness. The competitiveness as well as the sustainable development of the corporations and economy is achieved only when a proper management is reached. 

In a bid to enhance Vietnam's business management, VACD through its practical activities focuses on two factors: strengthening individual business' management and accomplish legal framework on business management. VACD is striving build Vietnam's business management standards and methodology system based on its studies on business management principles and standards in Vietnam, as well as management successes and failures in Vietnam and in the world,. The association will also hold forums to help foreign and domestic managers exchange their knowledge, experience, skills, and offer training courses and consultancy to support qualified managers nurturing. Moreoever, VACD will propose suitable business management related policies to the government. 

Besides, Vietnam corporate directors will be provided with opportunities to meet and find chances of cooperation. This is because VACD is always stick to its motto that is "Association member-centred". Pursuing its members' interests and rights is one of VACD's crucial tasks. Up to present, the association membership has been up to 200, including individual as well as corporate members from every part of the country and economy. The development of the association promises a great breakthrough for Vietnam business management. 

Vietnam Chief Financial Officer (CFO) club has been established on the expectation to improve the financial management performance in particular and corporate management in general. The launching of the club fruits from the cooperation between VACD and Asianinvest Group. The CFO club officially went into public in Hanoi on November 22nd 2008.

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